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United Way of Greater Portland partners with 48 Funded Community Partners to support 74 programs that work to achieve at least one of Thrive2027’s three 10-year goals to improve education, financial stability, and health for every person in Greater Portland.

Through the Community Impact Fund, we invest millions upon millions of dollars from individuals and organizations to improve lives and strengthen our community. Funded Community Partners open their programs and budgets to intense review by the Community Investment Process volunteers and United Way staff. We ensure community partners align efforts, progress is measured, work is facilitated and evaluated, and everyone remains focused on the shared vision. Targeted program outcomes and results drive our funding decisions and are critical to understanding how your investment is improving people’s lives.

Our Funded Community Partners, investors like you, Community Investment Volunteers, and United Way work as a team to increase quality early education, to ensure more people can afford to live and work in Greater Portland, and to support longer, healthier lives.