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Investment Information for Applicants

This is a resource page for those interested in applying for funding through United Way of Greater Portland’s annual investment process. We will keep this page updated and add resources as they become available.

UWGP’s Application is open 

The Fiscal Year 2021 investment application is open as of  January 6, 2020 and closes February 21, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. 

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We are returning to multi-year funding for previously funded programs. Cabinets may recommend a multi-year award on a case-by-case basis. 



As a United Way, we serve Greater Portland (Cumberland County minus Brunswick and Harpswell). Applicants must serve the community in these areas. Other eligibility criteria include: 

  • The lead organization must be a non-profit 501(c)(3), a public school, a municipal entity, an Indian Tribal government or can demonstrate a legal relationship with an established 501(c)(3) acting as your fiscal agent. 
  • The program must be doing work that demonstrates progress toward the Thrive2027 Goals. 
  • All partners named in the application must operate consistent with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, and comply with UWGP’s counter-terrorism compliance agreement as outlined in the application. 

All UWGP community investment applicants are required to demonstrate a commitment to help impact the Thrive2027 Goals by identifying the specific contribution, effort, or action they will make, including: 

  • Data-driven program activities and evidence-based best practices or promising practices, that are based in research;  
  • Articulation of the way(s) in which collaboration is included in program creation, implementation and/or evaluation; and 
  • Measurable impact on Thrive2027 Goals Framework Strategies demonstrated through performance measures. 

Please note that this is not a complete list of questions posed or materials required in the application. 


Investment Priorities 

Our investment process is open to all current funded applicants and new applicants proposing work tied to a select group of Thrive2027 strategies.  All of these donor supported strategies are strategies that are open to new applicants.

Donors are increasingly interested in targeting their investments to specific strategies, geographic priorities and underserved populations. These interests influence the investments; we would like to draw your attention to the specific priorities here: 

Goal 1 

  • Strategy 1.1 Provide expanded access to high quality, nutritious food in neighborhoods, early care, and education settings. 
  • Strategy 1.15 Provide children with supports to develop language, math and reading  skills 

Goal 2 

  •  Strategy 2.1 Support targeted expanded learning opportunities for students. 
  •  Strategy 2.10: Promote multiple career pathways into high-growth sectors through certificates, credentials of value, and degree programs for economically disadvantaged youth and adults, students of color, and English language learners. 
  •  Strategy 2.13 Ensure individuals and families have the supports needed to access and remain in the workforce, including childcare and transportation. 
  • Strategy 2.14. Encourage public/private partnerships and collaborations to align the needs of employers and job-seekers to reduce barriers to and within the workplace. 
  •  Strategy 2.21 Promote and ensure access to and availability of critical needs programs that lead individuals and families toward household stabilization.  
  •  Strategy 2.22 Ensure individuals and families have safe shelter, temporary, supportive, and permanent affordable housing near employment hubs. 

 Goal 3 

  • Strategy 3.2 Prevent, identify, mitigate & treat Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).