February 27, 2013

Portland is ConnectED!

Mayor Michael Brennan and others announced the Portland ConnectED initiative on February 25. The public-private partnership consisting of the City of Portland, Creative Portland, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Opportunity Alliance, the Portland Public Library, Portland Public Schools, the Portland Regional Chamber, Southern Maine Community College, United Way of Greater Portland, and the University of Southern Maine will address early childhood education, reading proficiency, high school graduation rates, and higher education. Click here for more info.

Federal Update

Automatic budget cuts are set to take place on March 1 unless Congress and the Obama Administration reach a last minute agreement to delay or cancel them. The Budget Control Act calls for $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over ten years, with an average annual cut of $109 billion per year. The fiscal cliff deal reached at the beginning of the year called for $24 billion in cuts; therefore, sequestration will force $85 billion in cuts in Fiscal Year 2013.

The impacts on Maine could be serious, affecting Head Start, LIHEAP, and other programs.

Click here for a detailed legislative update.