Your investment matters. When you give to the United Way of Greater Portland, you are helping us drive real, measurable change in Greater Portland; in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play.

Your gift, combined with thousands of others, is a powerful investment in the best work happening achieving the best results. By investing in Education, Financial Stability, and Health, we’re bringing about real change in our community.

Ways to Give

Individual Giving

  • Make a donation online.
  • Make a gift of stock or securities.
  • Send your donation to United Way of Greater Portland, P.O. Box 15200, Portland, ME 04112-5200.

United Way provides opportunities for giving year-round and at influential levels. Learn more about the Leaders’ Circle and Tocqueville Society.

Planned Giving

Whether you have been a donor for 10, 20, 30 years or more, your commitment to the health and human services network in Greater Portland is inspirational. Our endowment option lets you create your own personal legacy in our community, while still preserving your financial security and providing a future for your family. While none of us can know precisely what types of future needs will emerge, we assure you that your gift will be in good hands and used to make Greater Portland a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Workplace Campaigns

Many of our donors choose to participate in their company or organization’s United Way Annual Campaign. Often, they make their donations through payroll deduction over the course of each year. Please check with your organization to find out about your United Way Campaign.

Leaders in Giving

Benefits of Giving

Efficiency. United Way effectively leverages private donations in order to finance innovative programs and initiatives that profoundly affect communities. Your investment supports dozens of effective programs and initiatives that must show measurable outcomes to receive funding.

Expertise. Our research identifies the most pressing needs and most effective solutions in our focus areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Health, and draws on the resources of United Way Worldwide, the largest private non-profit in the world.

Local focus. Your support helps people throughout Greater Portland, and statewide through programs like 2-1-1 Maine. Local volunteers, supported by United Way staff, help determine where your investment can do the most good.

Accountability. The investment of your hard-earned dollars is overseen by a volunteer board that ensures the strictest accountability, fiscal responsibility, and careful use of your donation.

Connection. Through United Way, your investment is connected to businesses, volunteers, community leaders, people, and organizations — and that multiplies its impact. Together, we can accomplish more than any single person, group, or organization.

Ease in giving. United Way makes it easy for you to help the community. Participating in a workplace campaign makes giving a convenient part of your life.

Results. Your gift makes a long-term impact on our community. United Way goes beyond quick fixes to create measurable change that lasts.