United Way of Greater Portland created the LIVE UNITED storytelling library (LUbrary) in 2011 to create and share stories that bring people together and distill the issues affecting our communities. It is a resource for the community, funded by the community.

The LUbrary (lōō’brer’ē) is an online inventory of audio and visual stories about UWGP and Cumberland County, organized for easy access and sharing. It is staffed by the LUbrarian and Chief Storyteller.

Each entry in the LUbrary is a strategy to build a better world. We draw the pictures, set up the cameras, capture the audio, and piece it all together to find the story. But the end result belongs to all of us.

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Greater Portland is My United Way

We are sharing stories that highlight people who LIVE UNITED by giving, advocating, and volunteering throughout Greater Portland. Audio stories air on the Portland Radio Group stations (Coast 93.1, 560 WGAN, WCLZ 98.9, WBAE-AM and WZAN-AM).