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The Brick & Beam Society was created to carry the torch and invigorate the next generation of philanthropic and community leaders to invest their time, skills, and finances to make a measurable difference in Greater Portland.

The Brick & Beam Society thoughtfully selects and explores an area of focus, and then tackles it holistically. Our current focus is aligned with Thrive2027 and supports early childhood education with a specific interest in STEM programming for under-served kids in Cumberland County.

As an affinity group of the United Way of Greater Portland, we leverage the organization’s rich history, resources, knowledge, and relationships for maximum impact.


Brick & Beam Society offers its members:

  • Thoughtful philanthropic events with local and national leaders that help members shape their personal giving philosophy.
  • Hands-on education and volunteering opportunities to truly understand the issues.
  • Purposeful, topical conversations and workshops with executives and thought leaders.
  • Impact investing where Brick & Beam Society ultimately determines how its dollars are used to make the biggest difference.


Membership in The Brick & Beam Society is based upon an annual contribution of $1,000.

The step-up program allows participants to contribute $500, with a commitment to getting to $1,000 within three years. Step-up participants will be recognized as members starting in year one.